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I will try to fix you: Dean is a manly heterosexual guy, he wasn't flirting back to aaron, it was just a comic moment #jibcon








Heterosexual my ass!!!!

Oh my god, Jensen, just stop talking.

1.  Not being heterosexual would not affect Dean’s manliness.  You can be manly and gay or “unmanly” and straight or whatever combination of places on those various spectrums you happen to find suits you. (Not even going into the problems with the whole concept of “manliness”, ugh.)

2.  If you’ve been trying to play heterosexual this season, your acting is broken.

His perception of sexuality and manliness doesn’t even matter, at this point the serious issue is that he confirmed a scene that was supposed to show Dean’s bisexuality was just comic relief, basically they’re queerbaiting and won’t stop. And it’s pretty disgusting they took it this far. 

At this point, I feel that every con weekend has done that.  And then the next episode undoes it.  I don’t believe the cons anymore.  Every weekend there’s some shit, and after last weekend’s wankfest we got an episode in which Dean and Cas are arguing so intensely it’s as if they can’t tear their eyes away from each other and Sam has to break the tension, and then Castiel desperately tries to find some way of apologising to Dean.  An episode which included a human/angel relationship in the pattern of human/supernatural relationships this season.

I think the actors are stuck in a place where they just can’t comment on it and Jensen’s policy, for whatever reason, is to answer those questions with bullshit like this.  He clearly needs to educate himself but I do believe, when I look at his acting choices, that what he says and what he does are two different things.

You guys are the most disgusting kind of hypocrites. You call Jensen homophobic for viewing the character he has played for 8 seasons as straight, the character that was written as straight. You say that “not being heterosexual would not affect Dean’s manliness” but in the same breath you say “if Jensen’s been trying to play heterosexual this season, your acting is broken.” BEHAVIOR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEXUALITY. THE ONLY BEHAVIOR THAT HINTS AT SOMEONE’S SEXUALITY IS THE GENDER OF THE PERSON THEY ACTUALLY HAVE SEX WITH. There is no canon “proof” that Dean is bisexual or gay until he fucking says he is or he has sex with a man in CANON. All these other little “hints” like Dean admiring the uniform of a soldier in the 1950s or wearing panties in order to sleep with a woman have no implications on his sexuality. If you view “masculine things” as being gender and sexuality neutral but not “feminine things” (not to mention, who actually determines what is masculine and feminine?) then you better take a long, hard look at yourself because guess what? You are gender stereotyping and using heterosexist language to police queer people’s behavior because your shipping goggles are on so tight you couldn’t recognize common sense if it bit you in the ass. I mean, seriously, Dean and Cas arguing “intensely” is your fucking lame-ass proof? Dean has had heated arguments since season 1 with Sam, John, Bobby, and even fucking Zachariah, and so on; that doesn’t mean fucking shit. There was nothing “romantic” about Cas beating the shit out of Dean in 8.17 (and if there was, then why hasn’t Sam/Dean been canon since Swan Song, since that’s where this scene was ripped off of?), and Dean has very legitimate reasons to be upset with Cas— don’t try and belittle them by making it “aww just a lover’s spat!” Cas doesn’t just get a free pass because you ship him with Dean.

There’s nothing romantic about Castiel not trusting Dean with the angel tablet and running off without a word (no matter his good intentions, trust is important to Dean), and speaking of trust, how many times in the past has Cas already let Dean down? There’s nothing romantic about Castiel breaking Sam’s wall, using him as merely a distraction in s6, then leaving Sam for dead in the beginning of 7.01 when he could have healed him. Cas may have started down those paths with good intentions but it’s in Dean’s nature to hold a grudge, it’s absolutely in character and I’d question the writers’ judgment if Dean didn’t harbor any resentment towards Cas for his past actions. Sam is his platonic soulmate and he holds grudges against him, you think he shouldn’t hold them against a supernatural creature (which, according to Jensen at Comic Con ‘12, makes it harder for Dean to relate to Cas, because he’s not human) who turned against heaven, killed thousands of angels and people, and nearly killed the little brother he’s died to protect? These are real fucking issues for Dean and you’re just belittling them and him as a character by writing them off as just a lover’s tiff. You don’t give a fuck about bisexual erasure or lgbtq rights, all you care about is your ship becoming canon. If you truly gave a fuck about queerbaiting, you would call out the comments Misha has made since day 1 but you don’t because it fuels your shippy fantasies. You’re not offended by Jensen’s statement, you’re just butthurt and the sooner you realize it and stop pressuring tptb with countless irritating, stupid campaigns to make your implausible ship (because ALL of these m/m ships only exist in fanon) canon, then the writers can stop throwing in your so-called queerbaiting/fanservice scenes and everyone can be happy.






OOC: Trying not to jump to conclusions because people hang around on roofs all the time, but it’s hard to deny how seriously fucking eery that looks.

outofliquor; That’s what creeped me out. Who the hell casually walks across a building when a bomb goes off?

OOC: My thoughts exactly. Head tilted down, hands seemingly in pockets, not even in a hurry, not even looking in that direction… Hard to ignore. I got a chill up my spine when I first looked at it.

outofliquor; This is what made me reblog it so quickly. IF this is a suspect then we can boost this to help the officials. What’s really disturbing is that he has lawn chairs up on that building and a perfect view of EVERYTHING that’s happening down where the bombings are taking place. 


Can I PLEASE point this out: There was a man reported trying to get into a building with a black backpack on, and a black hoodie. When he couldn’t get access, he put his hood up and walked away. Five minutes before the explosion. Five minutes after, he shows up again.


(Source: noctvrnal)




This may be nothing but it’s worth noting but could be very important. I do not mean to call him out but because of his strategic positioning right after the blast and during it, it needs to be noted. This could be very important so reblog to spread the word

there’s like a 99% chance that this is just a dude on a roof

He could just as likely be someone trying to watch the marathon from above because thats really the only way to see anything thats really happening, one day this person will be identified and i’d love to know their story.

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